The Home Stretch: My Presidential Map on Labor Day (57 Days Before The Election)

In politics, Labor Day is typically known as the start of the home stretch of the presidential campaign. Volunteering, donating, and campaigning go into full force. It’s also a great benchmark to see how the race is going- after Labor Day, polls tend not to fluctuate as much as they do before it. Therefore, I […]

SPECIAL: August 4th Primaries Analysis

Welcome to PoliticsToday’s first live analysis! I’ll be updating this post with analysis and results from the down-ballot primaries in: Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, and Washington. Let the night begin! 9:00 EST- All KS polls have closed! I predict that, for the Senate race, Roger Marshall will win against Kris Kobach, a setback for the […]

New Hampshire Democratic Primary Analysis

Author’s Note: I’m not going to write about the Iowa caucuses, because of the irregularities and the fact that the Associated Press has not announced their winner. However, based on current results, my prediction was a little off, starting with the fact that Buttigieg is projected to win more delegates than Sanders. Also, Biden at […]

My Prediction -as of 10:00 P.M- for who will win the Iowa Democratic Caucuses

Hello All! Tonight is the big one, the Iowa caucuses! After seeing- and reading- multiple news sources, my prediction for the Iowa caucuses is as follows:1. Sanders 2. Buttigieg 3. Warren 4. Klobuchar 5. Biden I think that Klobuchar will beat Biden because he has not been viable (gotten 15%) in multiple precincts, and Klobuchar […]

Key Takeaways from the January Democratic Debate

Here are my key takeaways from the January Democratic Primary Debate. With only 3 weeks left until Iowa, this was the last debate before voting starts. I waited to publish until today to add some things on Warren after the audio from the failed handshake was released, and the fact than CNN confirmed that the […]

What the past- and the US’s part in it- has to say about Trump’s potential impeachment

Authors Note: This was written for a school assignment. This week, I read Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under the Clinton administration. While I have considered this to be one of my favorite books since 5th Grade, now I found it to be even more relevant because of the fact that […]